Home Painting

Residential House Painting

The walls of your home are the backdrop of your life. A beautiful and well painted home makes you feel good, and is inviting to your guests.

There are myriad ways to paint your walls and ceiling – from the (seemingly) simple application of a single color, to highly complex and layered looks. Minnihan Painting is expert in many techniques that go well beyond the norm.

What you should demand from your paint – besides creating curb appeal – is for it to act like a fortress in protecting your home from the elements. Here in the Midwest we have it all: heat, cold, wind and water, and each affects paint in a different way.

The exterior of your home has to keep the elements and weather outside, so preparing those surfaces for painting is extremely important. Each home presents its own challenges, and Minnihan Painting rises to the occasion to meet your needs. In general, exterior painting involves removing loose and chipping paint, cleaning surfaces, priming and painting. Extra precautions are taken to ensure your landscaping is protected; keeping a clean worksite is just a part of the job.

“I've hired Paul and his team at Minnihan Painting for several indoor and outdoor painting jobs over the years. With Paul, I don't have to worry about whether the job will look good or be done on time; it always is. Highly recommended!”

P.S., Chicago