Decorative Painting


Translucent glazes produce a complexity of character, depth, and luminosity that exceeds what can be accomplished by paint alone.

Textured Finishes

Texture adds dimensionality to the painted surface. This affects the look of the paint, as the highs and lows – which can be very slight or exaggerated in height and depth – create highlights and shadows. “I love it when my clients need to touch the surfaces I’ve created,” Paul said. “When they do that, I know I’ve moved them.”


Gilding is a craft involving the application of  an extremely thin sheet (leaf) of metal – usually gold, silver, copper or aluminum – to create a unique luster and reflectance. This is a popular technique for ceilings, furniture details, and stenciled walls.

Graining & Marbling

Minnihan Painting replicates the rare marbles and woods on any surface you have – including furniture, cabinetry, and fireplaces. 


Yes, you can paint your floors! With the right preparation, almost anything is possible.


Minnihan Painting is often asked to work with existing furniture so it will match the new decor. A wide scope is available: from simple painting to creating glazed and crackled finishes. 

“I am writing to express how overwhelming it was for me to walk into my client’s home and see your faux finish and mural completed. To see your work in this magnificent home, it was so impressive, I just want to say, ‘wow!’”