Bringing the Wild Indoors: The Jungle Book Mural

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I recently worked with a client in the Gold Coast who wanted to create something very special in her son’s nursery. After meeting to discuss concepts, we agreed upon “The Jungle Book” as an ideal theme. This idea evolved into a plan to create an elaborate mural on all four walls of the room, which would completely transform the space.

After getting an approval on the estimate, I went to work.

The first step was to do my research! I rented a copy of the movie and took photographs of several scenes for references.

Next, I sketched out preliminary concepts for each of the walls for continuity and color. One of the challenges of this mural was having scenes on each wall that flowed together and created the right mood for a small boy.

Finally we started work on site. It took about three days to draw out the whole room. Then, we airbrushed the sky and hand-painted the rest. All together it took about ten working days.

As an option for some of my other clients who may be working with a limited budget, I would suggest limiting the mural to one or two walls of the room. I always recommend that clients keep the quality of the mural work high and paint fewer walls, rather than try to “simplify” the painting process to accommodate a budget.

I am thrilled that this room will be such a meaningful place for the boy to play, learn, and grow!

At Minnihan Painting, we bring the same high standard of quality to each room we design. Our goal is to help you bring your vision to life – including the playful and imaginative spirit of a child’s room!